10 Christian Songs NOT Written By Mainstream Worship Artists

I used to feel guilty about not listening to worship music all the time as a Christian. I still feel guilty if I don’t feel like I’m “connecting” with God when I listen to or sing certain worship songs. I’ve come to learn that worship is a posture, not a preference. We all worship in different ways.

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Prepare Him Room

Whether you like it or not, Christmas music is here. It’s after Thanksgiving, so all the naysayers have already had their day with the Christmas-music-right-after-Halloween crowd. Which is me. I’m one of those people who ramps up the Christmas music on November 1. I’ve pretty much always been that way. Then again, I was the … Continue reading Prepare Him Room

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You Don’t Bow Down to Them.

One of my biggest vices is self-image. If I were honest with myself, I would say that I want to be all things to all people–a human chameleon, if you will. People pleasing is a pretty typical human trait. Since we’re social creatures, we want people to like us. But sometimes, it can drive us … Continue reading You Don’t Bow Down to Them.

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Day 11: Out of Exile – Strahan

Today was my birthday. Yee haw. Birthdays are fun because you can celebrate what you’ve accomplished in the last year, and look forward to a new one. Birthdays change as you get older. Instead of cutesy parties and lots of gifts, it’s a bit more sentimental, maybe even more personal, and certainly more reflective. My … Continue reading Day 11: Out of Exile – Strahan

Day 24: No Hard Feelings – Manchester Orchestra

It’s not easy to leave this life with absolutely no regrets. Regrets come with the territory of living, because we all make mistakes (thanks, Hannah Montana.) But most of us have a wish to arrive at the end of our lives – whenever that may be – having lived a full and good life – … Continue reading Day 24: No Hard Feelings – Manchester Orchestra

Day Seven: Only Love – Mumford & Sons

You might not think of the realm of pop music as a place where theology is discussed or unearthed. “Aren’t they all just about sex?” Well, yes. On Kiss FM they are. You won’t find much of anything there. But look at the broader sphere of pop music, not just the Billboard Hot 100. Many … Continue reading Day Seven: Only Love – Mumford & Sons

Lord, Deliver Me.

Lord, deliver me.   Deliver me from hatred into love.   Deliver me from anger into peace.   Deliver me from sadness into joy. Lord, Deliver me from silence when I should speak From complacency when I should be moved From guilt when I should be grateful.   Lord, Deliver me   from my careless … Continue reading Lord, Deliver Me.

let my love be heard.

Angels where you soar up to God’s own light take my own lost bird on your hearts tonight and as grief once more mounts to heaven and sings, let my love be heard whispering in your wings. A Prayer by Alfred Noyes Music by Jake Runestad I can’t imagine what it would be like to live … Continue reading let my love be heard.

How can I make a difference?

It was the last leg of a very long trip for me. A fun and fulfilling trip, but a long one. The trip I took to Europe last year was taxing both physically and emotionally. I took in so much wisdom, so many stories, and a good amount of chocolate. Europe was full to the … Continue reading How can I make a difference?

What is My Worth?

It’s fairly safe to say I won’t be opening my heart up for awhile. I’ve been in two relationships, and both of them were emotionally abusive in their own way. Both of them played deeply into my present anxieties and trust issues. In the first, he didn’t even want me to call him my boyfriend. … Continue reading What is My Worth?