She Drank A Cup of Coffee. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Yes, that was clickbait. No, I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed because I did not just shamelessly lead you to a website that features articles like “10 Celebrities Who Secretly Have Lizard Tails” alongside 50 ads for how to get clearer skin using mango peels (someone try it; it might actually work – I mean, coconut oil is a thing, right?) Nope. That clickbait led you here, which might be worse than the aforementioned website.

However, I’m also not lying. I drank a cup of coffee. I’m currently drinking another. And since it’s Keurig coffee, there’s nothing incredibly inspiring about it. Except for the fact that it contains caffeine, which always inspires me. That’s why I don’t judge people who drink Folger’s instant. It’s caffeine, and they probably need it. I don’t judge where your caffeine comes from. Unless you get it from an energy drink. Then I judge you. Hard.

I just listened to part of Hamilton the musical, so I’m in a creative mood and I want to inspire people. But I don’t know what about. This is one blog amongst a million blogs. I’m probably not going to tell you anything you haven’t heard before. In fact, I’m probably going to tell you things that you’ve heard a million times. Think of this as the Slowpoke meme of blogs. If you’re extremely behind on the way everyone else is thinking, come and join me. Together, we can be the ignorant corner of the Internet. Which is the entire Internet.

I’m hoping to actually sit down and personalize this website pretty soon. 9-year-old me would have seen “personalized” and immediately reached for the construction paper, stickers, and Comic Sans font (I loved Comic Sans when I was 9. I have no idea why. I am still repenting to this day.) In the near future, I also hope to narrow the scope of this blog somewhat. Right now, it’s sort of experimental (and not in the artsy, absurdist way. More in the annoying, 7th-grade-science way.) I’ll probably, hopefully, eventually crack down on things that I love doing and start talking about that more.

Or it will just turn into a corner of the Internet reserved for a quiet, slightly miffed 20-something.

In any case, we’ll see, won’t we?