Prepare Him Room

Whether you like it or not, Christmas music is here. It’s after Thanksgiving, so all the naysayers have already had their day with the Christmas-music-right-after-Halloween crowd. Which is me. I’m one of those people who ramps up the Christmas music on November 1. I’ve pretty much always been that way. Then again, I was the … Continue reading Prepare Him Room

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You Don’t Bow Down to Them.

One of my biggest vices is self-image. If I were honest with myself, I would say that I want to be all things to all people–a human chameleon, if you will. People pleasing is a pretty typical human trait. Since we’re social creatures, we want people to like us. But sometimes, it can drive us … Continue reading You Don’t Bow Down to Them.

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Day 15: No Plan – Hozier

Humanity needs a purpose. It’s what philosophers have been debating for centuries – why are we here? What is the role of Man? Is it to worship, to create, to destroy? Is it all of those things? Maybe we’re just a happy accident, so the best we can do is enjoy ourselves until the world … Continue reading Day 15: No Plan – Hozier

Day 11: Out of Exile – Strahan

Today was my birthday. Yee haw. Birthdays are fun because you can celebrate what you’ve accomplished in the last year, and look forward to a new one. Birthdays change as you get older. Instead of cutesy parties and lots of gifts, it’s a bit more sentimental, maybe even more personal, and certainly more reflective. My … Continue reading Day 11: Out of Exile – Strahan

Day 24: No Hard Feelings – Manchester Orchestra

It’s not easy to leave this life with absolutely no regrets. Regrets come with the territory of living, because we all make mistakes (thanks, Hannah Montana.) But most of us have a wish to arrive at the end of our lives – whenever that may be – having lived a full and good life – … Continue reading Day 24: No Hard Feelings – Manchester Orchestra

Day 22: Porcelain – Emarosa

To start off this post, I want to thank all of you who have been tuning in daily or weekly. I can’t believe I’ve tackled twenty-two songs already and only have eight left. So far, I’ve tallied 534 total views of this series, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s hoping I’ll finish this off well. … Continue reading Day 22: Porcelain – Emarosa

Day Twenty: Wonder – The Classic Crime

I was an introspective child. I don’t say that to pat myself on the back either. I’ve been socially awkward since the day I was born, and have lived 80% of my life in my head thus far. Because I was so recessive as a kid, I had a lot of time and space to … Continue reading Day Twenty: Wonder – The Classic Crime

Day Nineteen: (*Fin) – Anberlin

Who remembers the rock scene of the 2000s? If you’re a millennial, you probably do. Maybe you even went through the quintessential angsty punk-rock phase. You know, skin-tight v-necks, studded belts from Rue 21, bangs over one eye (maybe even bleached.) Almost emo, but not quite. And if your mom would have let you have … Continue reading Day Nineteen: (*Fin) – Anberlin

Day Fifteen: Deliverance – Strahan

I appreciate it when musicians actually put thought into their words. That might sound kind of stupid, but honestly it can be rare sometimes. Especially in pop music. And, unfortunately, in Christian worship music too. (We’ve already talked about this.) You can sing “you are holy” five times in a row, but when do the words … Continue reading Day Fifteen: Deliverance – Strahan

Day Eleven: Whisper – The Dear Hunter

Today, we’re finally going to talk about my favorite band. If you know me even a little bit, you’ll know I have more than a slight obsession with The Dear Hunter. I might even be their biggest fan (as far as I know.) The reason they’re my favorite is twofold: the expert way they blend … Continue reading Day Eleven: Whisper – The Dear Hunter