Friendship Breakups: The Thing (Almost) Everyone Goes Through But (Almost) No One Talks About

Like the pain of a breakup, friendship splits can have lasting effects—on your self-esteem, ability to trust people, and feeling of identity. They can leave you second-guessing yourself, wondering if you were the problem all along, or getting bitter about how the situation went down. It almost always involves grief—the feeling that someone who should be in your life isn’t anymore. They haven’t passed away, but they’re not present, either.

Music That Defined My Decade

Everyone agrees that music holds strong emotional ties in our minds. We associate songs with moments, for better or worse. For example: You’re going about your day, adulty like you are, and suddenly, a song from the mid-2000s comes on the radio or Pandora or Spotify or whatever. Almost instantly, you’re transported back to being … Continue reading Music That Defined My Decade

Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Saying goodbye is hard. One of my first major goodbyes I ever had to say was to my best friend in third grade. She told me toward the end of the school year that she was going to move away. I was heartbroken, because she was the person I was closest to, and I felt … Continue reading Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Day 13: Champion – Fall Out Boy

Comebacks can be pretty awesome. Sometimes they’re nostalgic, like seeing an old band come back together. Sometimes they’re just flat-out awe-inspiring, like someone recovering from a near-fatal accident. While these kind of comebacks are cool, so are the “everyday” comebacks, even as small as being sick for a few days and missing work or school. … Continue reading Day 13: Champion – Fall Out Boy

2018: The Year in Music

Happy New Year, everyone! If you have never happened upon this corner of the Internet, welcome! If you’ve been to these parts before, you’ll notice a few things that are different. You may notice that this site is no longer called Ground Up Ideas (though it is still housed under that domain; I’m working on that.) I … Continue reading 2018: The Year in Music

I Changed My Mind About Dating.

I wasn’t doing it right. Okay, maybe there’s not a “right” and “wrong” way to date, but there are “healthy” and “unhealthy” ways to go about it. And I definitely wasn’t going about it in a healthy way. The cycle would be the same: I’d go into dating with the mentality that I would find the One. … Continue reading I Changed My Mind About Dating.

Day 30: Save Rock & Roll – Fall Out Boy feat. Elton John

Here we are at the end of our 30-day journey. And it’s seriously been mind-blowing to me. I’ve learned a lot about the music I’ve listened to, and the support I’ve had during this month has been amazing. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me to keep going. You’ve taken a peek … Continue reading Day 30: Save Rock & Roll – Fall Out Boy feat. Elton John

Day 29: Make You Better – The Decemberists

The first time I met my first love, it was at a video shoot. It seemed as though the stars aligned perfectly. He walked past me and my heart fluttered, and I remember looking across the gym we were filming in (which was all done up in lights and decorations, and I was wearing a … Continue reading Day 29: Make You Better – The Decemberists

Day 28: Polaroid – Imagine Dragons

Not that long ago, a friend of mine asked how I had my life together so well. I was flabbergasted. I looked at them like, seriously? I was not the person who had their life together. I haven’t had my life together since 2006. You can chalk it up to perception. On the outside, I might look like I … Continue reading Day 28: Polaroid – Imagine Dragons

Day 27: Anthology – Thrice

Does Audrey like metal? The answer is, sort of. But usually, not really. If you really dug into my heavier taste, you’d probably define it as the gentler side of post-hardcore. I like it when former headbanger bands mellow out, grow into their thirties, and have kids – and so does their music. (Because if … Continue reading Day 27: Anthology – Thrice