Friendship Breakups: The Thing (Almost) Everyone Goes Through But (Almost) No One Talks About

Like the pain of a breakup, friendship splits can have lasting effects—on your self-esteem, ability to trust people, and feeling of identity. They can leave you second-guessing yourself, wondering if you were the problem all along, or getting bitter about how the situation went down. It almost always involves grief—the feeling that someone who should be in your life isn’t anymore. They haven’t passed away, but they’re not present, either.

Euphoria and the Nihilism of Generation Z

  I’m a crusty old Millennial. Not really. I’m actually right on the cusp of Millennialism. I was born in 1996, which most people contend is the cutoff. Generational divides are fairly fluid, but in general, Millennials are among those who came of age at the turn of the millenium, who remember a time before … Continue reading Euphoria and the Nihilism of Generation Z

Music That Defined My Decade

Everyone agrees that music holds strong emotional ties in our minds. We associate songs with moments, for better or worse. For example: You’re going about your day, adulty like you are, and suddenly, a song from the mid-2000s comes on the radio or Pandora or Spotify or whatever. Almost instantly, you’re transported back to being … Continue reading Music That Defined My Decade

Day 29: Roots – Imagine Dragons

I like learning about geneaology. It’s fun to look back at the past and see where parts of you have come from, whether biological or adopted. Some things are inherited, like I get my blue eyes from my dad, and other things are learned, like how I sometimes sound like my mom when I get … Continue reading Day 29: Roots – Imagine Dragons

Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Saying goodbye is hard. One of my first major goodbyes I ever had to say was to my best friend in third grade. She told me toward the end of the school year that she was going to move away. I was heartbroken, because she was the person I was closest to, and I felt … Continue reading Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Day 26: Hymn for Her – Anchor & Braille

If your grew up in church, you know that hymns are a thing. Like a big thing. If you’re a tried and true hymn worshipper, you’ll know the ins-and-outs of what makes a hymn a hymn. There’s a reason it’s not just called a “song.” It’s got characteristics. Here are a few of them. Hymns … Continue reading Day 26: Hymn for Her – Anchor & Braille

Day 24: Where Are You Now – Mumford & Sons

Let’s talk about Facebook. And how easy it is to stalk people. I mean “stalk” in the best way, not like, following them around all creepy, but…following them around online…less creepily. Okay, I guess it’s still a little creepy. But still. Facebook has made it easy to catch up with people you’ve lost touch with … Continue reading Day 24: Where Are You Now – Mumford & Sons

Day 8: Bad Blood – Bastille

Most friendships don’t last forever. It’s cool when they do, but oftentimes they’re not sustainable. Certain friends get us through certain periods of life, and then we move on. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Losing touch isn’t a sin, and neither is outgrowing a relationship. Obviously it can be painful, but it’s better … Continue reading Day 8: Bad Blood – Bastille

Day 5: Ghost Magnetic – David Cook

Some things are hard to shake. Do you ever say something and immediately regret it, and it kind of becomes one of those things you lay awake at 3am thinking about? I feel like that’s a shared human experience. Sometimes I’ll remember something I did years ago – like how cringeworthy I was as a preteen. Remember … Continue reading Day 5: Ghost Magnetic – David Cook

Day 4: All Fired Up – Matt Corby

  Love is fun. You have cute dates, meet each other’s families, and just have a good time. It’s easy, right? Well, no. It’s fun, but not always easy. Love is a commitment, too, no matter who you love. Not just romantic partners, but family and friends. You commit to spending time with them, showing … Continue reading Day 4: All Fired Up – Matt Corby