10 Christian Songs NOT Written By Mainstream Worship Artists

I used to feel guilty about not listening to worship music all the time as a Christian. I still feel guilty if I don’t feel like I’m “connecting” with God when I listen to or sing certain worship songs. I’ve come to learn that worship is a posture, not a preference. We all worship in different ways.

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Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Saying goodbye is hard. One of my first major goodbyes I ever had to say was to my best friend in third grade. She told me toward the end of the school year that she was going to move away. I was heartbroken, because she was the person I was closest to, and I felt … Continue reading Day 27: Au Revoir – OneRepublic

Day 18: The Last of the Real Ones – Fall Out Boy

I promise Fall Out Boy is not a sponsor of this series. But hey, they’ve come out with some good stuff recently, and a lot of it has been pumping through my earbuds in the last year or so. So I really don’t feel too bad about it. To me, they are able to encapsulate … Continue reading Day 18: The Last of the Real Ones – Fall Out Boy

Day 17: Polaris – Jimmy Eat World

We talked about the North Star on here not long ago. In poetry and art, it often represents what we are guided or pulled by. I mean, it makes sense. Sailors have used it for ages as a natural compass. Your “North Star” might be different, depending on who you are. We’re all driven by different things. … Continue reading Day 17: Polaris – Jimmy Eat World

Day 7: Hopeless Opus – Imagine Dragons

When was the last time you felt out of control? And I don’t mean “out of control” like “wild and crazy and unhinged.” But when was the last time you came to the realization that a lot of things in your life are outside of your agency? It’s a terrifying feeling that can leave you … Continue reading Day 7: Hopeless Opus – Imagine Dragons

Day 3: Art of War – Anberlin

Ah, breakup songs. They’re an integral part of our societal fabric. It’s cathartic to hear a heartbreaking song when we’re going through heartbreak. Just picture it. Picture your high school boyfriend just dumped you. What do you do? Crank up the tunes, that’s what. I remember the first time my heart was broken. I was … Continue reading Day 3: Art of War – Anberlin

Day 28: Polaroid – Imagine Dragons

Not that long ago, a friend of mine asked how I had my life together so well. I was flabbergasted. I looked at them like, seriously? I was not the person who had their life together. I haven’t had my life together since 2006. You can chalk it up to perception. On the outside, I might look like I … Continue reading Day 28: Polaroid – Imagine Dragons

Day 27: Anthology – Thrice

Does Audrey like metal? The answer is, sort of. But usually, not really. If you really dug into my heavier taste, you’d probably define it as the gentler side of post-hardcore. I like it when former headbanger bands mellow out, grow into their thirties, and have kids – and so does their music. (Because if … Continue reading Day 27: Anthology – Thrice

Day 22: Porcelain – Emarosa

To start off this post, I want to thank all of you who have been tuning in daily or weekly. I can’t believe I’ve tackled twenty-two songs already and only have eight left. So far, I’ve tallied 534 total views of this series, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s hoping I’ll finish this off well. … Continue reading Day 22: Porcelain – Emarosa

Day Twenty: Wonder – The Classic Crime

I was an introspective child. I don’t say that to pat myself on the back either. I’ve been socially awkward since the day I was born, and have lived 80% of my life in my head thus far. Because I was so recessive as a kid, I had a lot of time and space to … Continue reading Day Twenty: Wonder – The Classic Crime