Music: A Year in Review

You knew this was coming. Since I reviewed my music of the year last year, why not keep the tradition going? If there’s anything the end of the year (and this time around, decade) has taught me, it’s that people like to look back. Sometimes it’s for nostalgic purposes, other times it’s simply to look … Continue reading Music: A Year in Review

Music That Defined My Decade

Everyone agrees that music holds strong emotional ties in our minds. We associate songs with moments, for better or worse. For example: You’re going about your day, adulty like you are, and suddenly, a song from the mid-2000s comes on the radio or Pandora or Spotify or whatever. Almost instantly, you’re transported back to being … Continue reading Music That Defined My Decade

2018: The Year in Music

Happy New Year, everyone! If you have never happened upon this corner of the Internet, welcome! If you’ve been to these parts before, you’ll notice a few things that are different. You may notice that this site is no longer called Ground Up Ideas (though it is still housed under that domain; I’m working on that.) I … Continue reading 2018: The Year in Music