Day 30: English Ivy – Rogue Valley


We made it through another one! I started round three in the hope that it would get me through quarantine, and it did, but now there’s more quarantine because it got extended for a little. Oh well. At least it got me through these first thirty days. I thought I’d end with a bang–one of my favorite songs.

Day 30: English Ivy – Rogue Valley

I love good, breezy driving music. Luckily, almost all of Rogue Valley’s music is road trip music. As I’ve said before, it’s classic Americana, perfect for rolling down the windows and hitting the road. One of my favorite Rogue Valley songs is “English Ivy,” a song talking about a town that is close to the band’s heart–Queen Anne, Maryland. It gives you a little snapshot of what life is like in this small Eastern seaboard town.

Someone is calling psychics on the phone at 3am
Future runs through a telephone wire
Sitting in a raincloud on a fire escape
Waiting for the building to burn
Steelhead and blackmouth packed up in the fishing nets
Emptied in the sluice, then airborne in the news
The salt gets in your skin and preserves a feeling
Gray on gray on gray on gray on gray

We find ourselves in a fishing town by the coast–a quaint picture of everyday life: someone’s on the phone, someone’s fishing, and wherever you go, you smell the salty sea. It’s a bleak and gray day. And then it starts to rain.

The sky breaks open
Your shirt is soaking through
Something is choking you

The next verse is my absolute favorite. I don’t know why, but it’s just catchy. And it points to a common thread that all artists have.

The writers and the singers
And the dancers and the dreamers
Carry the same needle, feather and thread
Queen Anne was a friend of mine and she’ll always be
For coffee shops, for flannel shirts
For realtors, for English Ivy

I hope you have a town that you love, whether you live in it or you just visit it occasionally. Just make sure you have good music to listen to on your way there.


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